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Geuder AG is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative ophthalmic instruments and systems. Ophthalmologists from more than 90 countries rely on the absolute precision and reliability of the more than 3,000 different Geuder products.
  • Under the microscope: the needs of the surgeon

Our knowledge about novel surgical procedures and the changing demands placed on surgical instruments and systems is a result of ongoing communication with surgeons. This not only enables us to always meet current medical requirements but also to satisfy individual needs. Geuder still manufactures precision instruments which bear a doctor's personal signature. Our repair service allows surgeons to use the instruments for a lifetime.
  • Unique: the flexibility of our specialists

We know that the foundation of our success is traditional craftsmanship. Since the founding of our business in Heidelberg in 1951 by Hans Geuder Senior, our employees have gained experience of inestimable value. We employee more than 40 surgical and microsurgical instrument makers and precision engineers who are among the best in their field. Many of them have been employed by companies for decades and are undisputed specialists. Their tireless commitment has enabled them to make the seemingly impossible possible for our customers time and time again.
  • 60 years' experience: our junior staff also build on it

To master the future, however, it is not enough to rely solely on the past. In fact, we are already charting the course for the future. Every year young people start a 3 1/2 year training period with us to become surgical instrument makers. By giving them an additional 5 years of work experience, we know that we will have ensured a new generation of specialists to continue to satisfy the market's steadily growing demands.
  • We have paved the way: for innovation and good vision

At Geuder we have created all the conditions needed not only to participate in developments and trends but to shape these ourselves. We are taking part in "Pro-Inno II", a program funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and cooperate with facilities such as the Fraunhofer Institute in testing surface coatings and biocompatible materials. In these ways we hope to secure the necessary means to develop future technologies.

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